‘To the bunk house!’ a report



So I am now back from two weeks away, and will be offering my comparison of WRG versus NT working holidays. Tentative title: ‘Once more into the pleach” this is a hedging term.  Wow. Impressed?

Good things about WRG holidays: seeing all those familiar faces you know and love! Might also belong in the ‘less good things’  column, depending on your POV..

However now I’ve done a fair few NT hols I am seeing the same old faces ( old? Who you calling old?), and some of them are jolly fine faces at that.

GOOD food on both. Healthy *and* tasty, and learning new recipes and jolly FINE cakes in plentiful amounts.

Snorers on both, but luckily campy van saves the day, with judicious hot water bottle and new duvet, so *warm* and *silent nights* yayy.

BUNK beds on NT camps and accom standards roughly similar, BUT  usually no showers on WRG camps where there are on NT camps, and as we all know, WRG camps are actually HALF the cost.

Over heard this past fortnight:

‘I never let anyone hose me down”

‘I’ll have you working like you’re in a sauna, tomorrow!’ ‘Do you mean sweat shop??’

‘Is there anybody here?’ to a lounge full of people…

Characters, types and personalities:

See if you can spot who and where:

Is this you, dear reader:

1.Unwanted advice given?  The person who ( usually in a nasal voice of great  monotonous penetrative power) tells you how to suck eggs/cook bacon/ light a fire/ use a bill hook/ use any tool/ make a cup of tea /mop a floor.. you name it.

2.Radio wikkipedia?

Often the same person, will also discourse *at length* and not allowing interruptions , on a subject you actually know more about than they do, eg making bread and butter pudding, or New Towns,  Or Shakespeare… aaarghhh

3. The fitness guy/gal ; who wears sports gear and has his mountain bike; can also be a bit Radio Wikkipedia ‘ about his/her  ‘activities

4. ”All the gear, but no idea” how to perform the tasks on  the  ‘actual work’. Whether it be hedging or brick cleaning..


5.’ Just an hour’ contestants, who can talk without hesitation ( but often *with* repetition and deviation* )  on *any* subject of their choice ( not yours)  for as long as their breath holds out.. aarghh..

…often times this person is assistant leader so  exerts full force and you feel unable to tell them to ‘stow their gab’ and let someone else have some air time so we can actually get to know each other!!

Also you may experience a feeling of ‘wow, I have never been so bossed about in my whole life *ever* not even at work! Or as a child, and I am On Vacation for cripes’ sake!

6. LOVELY chaps and ladies, who although ‘perma single’ are completely adorable and you wish you could put them in your rucksack and warm your hands at their vibes of peace and humour, the utter darlings. Often painfully shy or very quiet, never monopolising the convo, often ignored but well worth the effort to ‘draw them out’ and gently ( without being too scary)  getting to know them. Brilliant sense of humour and a little chuckle like an elf.

7. The ‘should be ‘ (and probably is) leader,  an ‘enabler’ who is quietly confident, notices what needs doing or saying and does it or says it. Keeping things on an even keel like the good Capt with a steady hand on the tiller. GOLD.

Helps everyone to get to know each other and keeps the  conversational ball passing around, without trying to score any goals themselves… such glorious folk have been my pleasure to know on both WRG and NT camps, and long may they do the job that others struggle to do.


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