Dolphin’ about

So today I was in the pool, and once the three pesky blokes got out I had the whole blue expanse to my own self!

It was 11 am and I wasn’t late for anything, had nowhere to rush to, and could splash, gyrate, do a seal impression and make like a dolphin with a porpoise.

I even sang along -very loudly- to Dancing Queen by Abba.

So this is where I am with ‘being retired’ now. I’ve been retired since July. It’s now December. I have been a whole term out of school and haven’t been back in once, and shhhh whisper it: I haven’t missed it at all!

I like to make a little ‘to do’ list for the day or week and have various little projects ( like my Bridport Shakespeare Company). Just now I am making hats out of fleece, to a pattern of my own devising. Experimental.

So my aim is to simply have fun and enjoy myself!

Like last week I was laying hedges with the Dorset Wildlife Trust; and then the next week scrub bashing near Eggardon with the Dorset rangers. Which sounds like the Wild West, and kind of is. Haha!

I deserve this after working all my life, from the age of 14 when I went out scrubbing floors so I could have a coat and shoes. Blimey, that sounded hyper drama but in fact is true, but y’know. I just need to have some ME time.

So some lessons I am trying to learn:

  1. Let it go. let things unfold, let it be organic.
  2. Take care of yourself- take exercise, keep those endorphins pumping.
  3. Make plans, get yourself out and about, but allow for flexibility. You don’t HAVE to join lots of groups  and events and classes!
  4. Enjoy your own company, enjoy being with yourself.
  5. Make things, cook things, knit , sew, read.. ! Gardening!hedge-laying-stoke-abbott-3rd-dec-16



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